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Student Essential Information

Who can attend?

The IT Job Fair was established to help NSCC Information Technology students find work terms during the spring, as completion of a work term at the end of each year of study is a requirement to graduate. NSCC Information Technology students from all NSCC campuses are encouraged to attend this event.

Why You Should Attend

To network with potential employers, investigate and research career options, and to obtain information from employers on:

  • Career opportunities
  • Corporate cultures
  • Job requirements
  • Industry growth
  • Industry trends
  • Skills and qualifications

How to Prepare

1. Register on the website

It's important to register for the event. This allows organizers plan for food, and to prepare name tags.

2. Research companies

Decide on employers whom you want to target when at the fair and prepare some tailored questions that spark conversation.

3. Prepare your resume/portfolio

Prepare a short, good structured resume, not more than 1-2 pages. Furthermore, you can create your portfolio using Github and adding a link to your resume.
Tip: create your professional resume by using support provided by NSCC Career Services or attend workshops before the IT Job Fair.

4. Professional Dress

Business casual is preferred.

5. Check your attitude

Exude enthusiasm and self-confidence, stay positive during the IT Job Fair!

6. Practice your introduction

Prepare an elevator speech: An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short summary used to quickly define who you are as an individual. As well, it defines your abilities and strengths. With a solid elevator pitch, you will stand out from the rest.

7. Prepare yourself for contact with the employers

Stand out with smart questions, be thoughtful, and listen attentively. Show that you have done your research, what you know, and ask for more. Keep the focus on the job and the company.

8. Follow up after the event

Follow up with companies you have contacted. Furthermore, extend the connection beyond the IT Job Fair by asking for business cards or creating LinkedIn connections.

Student Guidelines

  • All students must register on the job fair website: here
  • Leading up to the job fair, the home page will be updated automatically. Please check this page frequently as we continue confirming participating organizations and begin populating the agenda and booth information.
  • It is a good idea to make a list of which recruiter booths you would like to visit.
  • Resumes will be submitted using methods that are preferred by the recruiter.

FAQ for Students

1. Why should I attend the job fair?

The job fair targets IT students of all fields. It gives you an opportunity to network with industry professionals, and to present yourself as a valuable asset to an organization.

2. What career development opportunities are available to NSCC IT students at the event?

Through the event, NSCC IT students can:
  • Find employment: work terms, co-ops, and full time work.
  • Learn about industry-relevant best practices.
  • Participate in activities: speed interviews, professional headshots, sign up for the Halifax Partnership Connector program, get immigration advice, and enter to win door prizes.

3. How can I attend the job fair?

Ensure you have registered before January 25th to attend the in-person event.

4. Is there a fee to pay?

The job fair is free of charge for all students.

5. What is the dress code?

Business casual is preferred.

6. Do job interviews take place at the job fair?

Depending on the company, some interviews will be conducted in what we call an “on-the-spot interview”. Be prepared by practicing interview answers before the IT Job Fair!

If you have any concerns please contact us via email at student.itjobfair@nscc.ca.