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Privacy Policy

Student and Employer Information

We will collect personal information provided by both NSCC students and employers who are attending the Job Fair. The personal information provided to us is fully protected under the official policies of the Job Fair and by the NSCC.

What kind of Personal Information?

When we mention “personal information“, we are referring to any sort of information that may identify you. These include things such as your student number (for students), your first name, your last name, and your email address.

Collection and Use of Information

Any information that we collect at registration may be used at the Job Fair and by the Job Fair team for administrative purposes. A student or employers' personal affairs may also be monitored throughout the duration of the event.


When you provide us with your information, you agree that you allow any of your information to be used by the Job Fair team in order to maintain and operate their database. You also agree that the information you provided can be accessed at any time by NSCC Faculty members.

Access to Information

Information can change at any given time. Should any student or employer request access to the information they provided, you may feel free to do so by contacting us.

What we don't do

We take privacy very seriously. Under no circumstances will we provide your information to a third-party website unless you give us written consent to do so, or as permitted by the law.