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The Teams

    ITJobfair.ca is created and maintained by a generational project of students at NSCC. This page is to give thanks and credit to those who've opted to work on this project, and make the site what it is today.

Spring 2019

Title Name
Project Manager Richard Rennehan
Lead Developer Beth MacIsaac
Developer Spencer Stoddard
Developer Qi Kong
Developer Rushan Khuramshin
Developer Owen Pattison
Developer Benjamin Topple
Developer Kelly Kim
Developer Woojin Oh
Developer Injun Hwang

Winter 2020

Title Name
Project Manager Jade MacEachern
Level Developer Daniel Cox
Developer Hana Park
Developer Qi Kong (Claire)
Developer Kin Darin (Darin)
Developer Emon Majumder
Developer Woojin Oh
Developer Injun Hwang