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Student Registration

For Current NSCC Information Technology Students and Graduates

If you are a current student or graduate of a NSCC Information Diploma program and are interested in attending the NSCC IT Job Fair 2024, please fill out the form below to register. This must be completed by January 25, 2024 to guarantee your registration for this event.

Student Information


Mentors are available to students to help prepare for the job fair event. If requested, a mentor will contact you through your student e-mail.

What's Your Challenge?

What's Your Challenge is a competition between teams of students to solve a problem presented by industry. Teams consisting of 1-4 students will be tasked with providing a 2 minute video explaining their solution.

Participants will receive follow-up emails in the coming weeks.

Prizes are given to first, second, and third place winners. First-place winners will be granted an opportunity to interview with the organization that presented the problem. More information can be found here.

Share Information

Leading up to the job fair, we'll share a spreadsheet with our incoming industry members. This will include your name, school email, program and graduation year. Industry members will be able to make notes and keep track of students inside of the spreadsheet.

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