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What’s Your Challenge?

What's Your Challenge is a student competition aimed at solving real industry problems!

Our sponsoring organizations will each pose a question related to an IT challenge they are currently facing. Teams of students have the opportunity to pose solutions for a chance to win! Teams of 1-4 NSCC students can register to participate. Participating teams will receive information for the competition 2 weeks prior to the IT Job Fair. Team solutions will be presented in 120-second videos they create and upload to YouTube. Links to these videos will be provided to the sponsors for winner selection, and results will be announced on the day of the event.

First-place teams for each challenge question will win the opportunity to meet privately with their sponsor organization during the IT Job Fair! Additional prizes will be awarded to second and third place teams.

Competition Rules


  • Teams can be made up of 1-4 NSCC students.

  • All teams will be sent a confirmation email confirming the organization and challenge question selected, as well as their Team Number.

  • Each team will brainstorm, research, and provide a video explaining their solution.

  • All prizes awarded are given to teams as a whole.

Submission Requirements:

  • Team solutions must be submitted as 120-second videos uploaded to YouTube. Videos must be made public.
    Videos must not exceed 120 seconds. Please note that some video software services add their logo onto the end of your final product, which can add several seconds to the length of your video.

  • Videos titles should be in the following format:

    WYC23 - Team Number - Organization Name
    (Example: WYC23 -Team 15 - RBC)

  • All submissions must include citations and references in APA7 style formatting in the description below the submitted YouTube video. Don’t forget to include references for any images or music you use in your video.
    (See NSCC APA7 Style Overview for additional help with APA format.)

  • Submissions must be sent to studentcomp.itjobfair@nscc.ca by the deadline.

  • Late submissions will be disqualified.

Additional Information:

  • After the submission deadline, all eligible video submissions will be provided to the sponsoring organizations.

  • Sponsors will assess the videos submitted for their challenge question and select winners prior to the IT Job Fair.

  • Winners will be announced on the day of the IT Job Fair. Winning teams will also be notified via email.

  • Submissions must be sent to studentcomp.itjobfair@nscc.ca by the deadline.

  • All participants should be prepared to meet with their sponsoring company during the IT Job Fair. Meetings will be arranged on-site at the IT Campus, or via Teams.

  • For Industry inquiries, please contact industrycomp.itjobfair@nscc.ca.