2024 2023

Join us for the 2024 annual NSCC Information Technology Job Fair & Conference (Virtual)

Nova Scotia Community College, IT Campus, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

NSCC's largest college wide information technology career event is here! With many organizations attending, you will find a wide variety of professional development, industry networking and career opportunities. Come and meet some of the best upcoming talent the school has to offer!

The IT Job Fair is open to industry recruiters, conference presenters, NSCC students & alumni to discover amazing opportunities, and network with potential future employers, professional associations and programs.

This year, about 600 IT students, 50 IT companies and 40 faculty members will be in attendance.

2024 IT Job Fair and Conference

NSCC IT Campus (Halifax, NS)

February 21, 2024 9:00 AM


2024.02.21 9:00 AM

Participating Organizations: 0

Total Students: 0

Thank you to all of our industry participants and conference speakers. This year, in lieu of speaker gifts, we will be donating to the NSCC Student Foodbank on your behalf.

Virtual Booth Schedule

Virtual Booth # Company Start Time AST Location


resulta 10:00 AM Virtual booth 1
Room D312
Canadian Armed Forces Army Reserve 10:45 AM
Pineapple Bytes 11:30 AM
Seaboard Transport Group 1:00 PM
Placemaking 4G 2:30 PM


REDspace Inc. 10:45 AM Virtual booth 2
Room D313
EfficiencyOne 11:30 AM
Digital Nova Scotia 1:00 PM
Eastlink 1:45 PM
IBM Canada Ltd 2:30 PM


Clearwater Seafoods 10:00 AM Virtual booth 3
Room D315
Lockheed Martin Canada 10:45 AM
Sobeys 11:30 AM
KPMG 1:00 PM
Emera|Nova Scotia Power 1:45 PM
RBC 2:30 PM


Jazz Aviation LP 10:45 AM Virtual booth 4
Room D210
CloudKettle 11:30 AM
BDO Lixar 1:00 PM
Admiral Insurance 1:45 PM
Aptitude Digital Ltd 2:30 PM


VERB Interactive 10:00 AM Virtual booth 5
Room D212
Yardi Canada 10:45 AM
Government of Canada 11:30 AM
45Drives Limited 1:00 PM
Halifax Port Authority 1:45 PM


Hanatech 10:45 AM Virtual booth 6
Room D213
Immediac 11:30 AM
Halifax Partnership 1:00 PM
Maximus Canada - DeltaWare Division 1:45 PM


2020 Digital 11:30 AM Virtual booth 7
Room D125
Global Relay Communications Inc. 1:00 PM