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FAQ for employers

1. How can we register for the IT Job Fair?

You can register for the job fair by going to our home page, and clicking the "Registration" button. If you have any concerns please contact us via email at itjobfair@nscc.ca.

2. What happens if we cannot make it to the job fair despite registering?

Please notify us 48 hours prior to the start of the event.

3. What are students expecting from us?

Students are expecting opportunities that are beneficial to their IT career - such as work terms, co-ops, and entry-level positions. These opportunities will allow students to utilize the skills they learned at school in the workplace.

4. If we have job offers or internships available, how can we notify them at the job fair?

You may notify the students at the job fair by indicating at your virtual booth that you have jobs or internships available. You can also note what positions you have available when you register for the event.

5. Will we need to conduct interviews on the spot?

This is completely up to you! If you choose to have interviews on the spot, please make sure that you clearly identify it at your virtual booth.